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Team-building, body-building and soul-filling workshops designed for your goals.


We understand that time is precious. We assume you already know that your health should be a priority, but finding the time and knowing how to start can be daunting. We will help you get started. Devoting even just a few hours can benefit you immensely, which is precisely why we offer workshops. Learn more today.


Body by Cathy offers Get Fit workshops throughout London and Northern Ireland. These workshops are interactive and you can expect to walk away with a wealth of expert tips, a few tricks, and personalised nutrition and fitness plans. We offer three standard sessions:

1. Jumpstart: For those just getting started, in need of behaviour coaching, nutrition plans and exercise education

2. Weightloss: For those who know the basics and are ready to transform their body, shedding a lot of weight and getting fit

3. Getting Lean: For those who want to drop the last bit of weight, sculpt their body and improve their performance



Body by Cathy also offers tailored workshops to meet the specific needs of small groups. These workshops are perfect for team-building events, mummy groups, parties and other like-minded people ready to change their lives.

If you are just getting started, we will focus on the basics of nutrition, help you create meal plans (even make a few meals, if you want) and create reasonable and measurable targets. If you're already fit, but want to get lean or you're training for a marathon, we'll coach you and help sculpt you. Again, you are entirely in control of the workshop.