Is your target weight within reach, but you just can't get there? Is stubborn belly fat haunting you? Are you training for a marathon? Whatever your goal, we design nutrition and fitness programmes to give you the boost you need.


What you eat and when you eat it are essential for the Getting Lean programme. It's not about starving—in fact, that does more harm than good—it's about being efficient and mindful. Remember, we've been where you are now and can show you how to make simple changes to enjoy drastic improvements while keeping food fun.

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Removing fat from your diet will not remove fat from your body. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect. Similarly, don't sacrifice muscle mass for fat loss, which happens when your diet is deficient in protein, your calorie intake is insufficient or you do too much cardio. Remember, food is your fuel, without it, your body can't function properly and it will begin shutting-down to protect vital bodily functions.


Contrary to popular belief, more cardio does not mean more weight loss. Strengthening your muscles through weight lifting and resistance training has more impact on body fat and body shape. When you follow a healthy diet along with regular exercise, you gain more muscle mass and lose fat, making you lean.


If you've been with Body by Cathy since the beginning (that means starting with the Jumpstart programme, then graduating to the Weight Loss programme), you have a strong understanding of proper nutrition and exercise, and you've sorted out your emotional triggers to over-eating along with the 12+ excuses to not exercise. You also know that losing the first pound is as difficult as the last, which is why you're here now, to tackle those stubborn pounds. 

Here's what to expect:

  1. Our Getting Lean programme focuses on metabolism-boosting and muscle-enhancing food eaten at precise times.

  2. We'll boast your workout sessions, including intensity and frequency of weight training and cardio.

  3. We'll help you identify inefficient areas and isolate them.

  4. Cathy will remain your coach, your challenger, your instructor and more as you reach new goals.

No matter how strong your muscles are, if they’re hiding under a layer of fat, you will never see them. I’ll show you what to do.
— Cathy Martin