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Start melting fat away and revealing your most fabulous looking and feeling self.


If you've mastered the Jumpstart programme by breaking bad habits, understanding your emotional connection with food, learning about proper nutrition and getting your body moving, then you're ready to lose some serious weight. Congratulations! Welcome to the Weight Loss programme.

At this stage of your Get Fit journey, the shame is gone and you should be proud of the progress you've made. Use this progress to keep you motivated and flaunt your new body—you've earned it.

Dropping the first pound is as difficult as dropping the last. It’s the first pound that’s riddled with shame, weighed down by muscles unable to function properly and deprived of motivation by negative voices in your head. I’ve been there. I’ll help you get out.


Most diets fail because they steal the joy out of cooking and eating by focusing only on calories. We won't turn you into a calorie counting machine, but we will turn you into someone who makes healthy decisions—not out of shame or fear of the scale, but because you feel better when you eat better. And you WILL feel and look better with Body by Cathy.


Coaching is at the core of Body by Cathy. This isn't your average coaching. It's everything from emotional and behavioural, to nutrition and fitness. You've already graduated from the Jumpstart programme, so think of this stage as your Master's degree. We're on your side and always here to help push you closer to your goals because we know we're stronger as a team.


Even if your diet is the epitome of clean eating, you won't shift the weight and become healthier without exercise. During the Jumpstart programme, we got you moving and taught you that every step you take is helpful. Walking is now part of your life (especially in front of the tv), couch squats (also in front of the tv) are mastered and unpacking groceries has become an easy way to hit your arms. Now it's time to push yourself to the next level. For some it's joining a gym, for others, it's heading to the park. We'll create a plan that's perfect for your fitness level, lifestyle and goals and show your live progress report, as well as new recipes and the latest weight-loss secrets to keep you motivated.


The Weight Loss programme lasts as long as you need to reach your goals. For some people, graduating the Jumpstart programme was the key to unlocking and over-coming their weight issues, so they breeze through the Weight Loss programme and head quickly to the Get Lean programme. But that rapid graduation isn't common. For most, they still battle with understanding and controlling their emotional triggers, and with making healthy eating choices and exercising. It's difficult to reprogram your brain and body after years (decades even) of self-sabotage, emotional over-eating and not exercising. Be kind to yourself and know that radical change takes time. Body by Cathy will help you remain focused throughout your Weight Loss programme and we're certain that if you follow your personalised plan, then you will see weight disappear—we promise.

Here's what to expect:

  1. Celebration because you graduated the Jumpstart programme and now have a solid foundation from which to start losing some serious weight and looking even more fabulous.

  2. Each month, you'll have a consultation with Cathy to review your progress and ensure you remain focused on your goals.

  3. We'll continue building upon the nutrition and exercise knowledge you've gained thus far (plus a few reminders if you forget) because we know that knowledge is control.

  4. We'll further enhance your intuitive skills to teach you to listen to your body and how it feels after certain foods and throughout the day to help regulate what you eat and when.

  5. We'll tweak your nutrition plans to give your metabolism an extra boost and improve your exercise power and prowess.

  6. As you progress, you'll benefit from new exercise and training plans to help you lose weight and gain muscle mass.

  7. Motivation can dwindle or even disappear at this stage, so we'll keep things fun and new for you with tips, recipes, humour and how-to videos. You'll also find comfort in Cathy's Community.

  8. Shop for new clothing!

  9. By the end of the Weight Loss programme, you will have reached your target weight and see the shapely and gorgeous body you want...Now it's time for graduation to the Get Lean programme.

Don’t be surprised when people start complimenting you. Use those compliments and how amazing you feel to shop for new clothing. Go ahead, you know you want to. Want an extra confidence boost? Check out Skin by Cathy.