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The critical first step before you loose weight, boost energy and improve your health. Get ready to dive in head first.



The Jumpstart programme is where your get fit journey begins. It's this first step that is arguably the hardest because it requires breaking bad habits and facing the shame that's pushing and strangling your body. You will want to give up, you will want to stop, it will be difficult, but after 12 weeks, your jumping point will be a distant memory, leaving you feeling lighter and in control, ready to transform your body.

This will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. You will cry, you will want to quit, you will cheat, but you won’t be alone. I’ve been where you are right now. I will help you.


How can I be so certain you will succeed? Because I've been where you are now and I remember the shame and embarrassment of being overweight. I remember feeling like losing weight was impossible, so I ate more and I continued eating, making myself feel even worse, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

When the scale read 254 lbs, I could no longer hide. It was time to get healthy or risk an early death. I lost the weight through diet, sweat and a lot of tears, and I have kept it off for 10 years the same way (minus the tears). I'll share my journey with you and help you on yours.


We don’t just focus on what you eat—that would only give a small insight into your health and provide an even smaller method to achieve your goals—we focus on your lifestyle and how your body works. We might share the same basic strands of DNA, but our bodies are uniquely shaped by genetics and existing health conditions.

Especially in the Jumpstart programme, we focus on behaviour coaching to help you overcome emotional eating, resistance to change and general malaise. Read more about our coaching methods.


Nutrition, fitness and behaviour education are essential. Without those tools, you won't learn how to fuel your body and make your body stronger. Support is equally as essential. You will have days, weeks even, when you face a block you can't push through. We'll guide you the entire way, listening, sharing tips and celebrating with you when you reach your goal.

Here's what to expect:

  1. After you've completed the health and lifestyle forms, you will have a 50 minute consultation with Cathy to review the information you provided so she understands your goals.

  2. From there, she will design your personalised Jumpstart Programme.

  3. Once you're signed up and ready to go, we will share your weekly targets, nutrition facts, recipes, motivation tips and much more—all personalised for you, based on your lifestyle and goals—and you will have access to the entire Body by Cathy community of people who are on the same journey as yours.

  4. Every week, you will have a personal consultation with Cathy to update your progress, provide additional support and help move you closer to your goals.

  5. The Jumpstart programme lasts 12 weeks, in which time you will learn to have a healthy relationship with food, understand the emotional triggers that lead you to over-eat, wean off sugar and processed foods, develop good eating habits and start moving your body.

  6. By the end of the 12-week Jumpstart programme, you will have shed weight, discovered new confidence and felt more energetic and happier than ever...Now it's time for graduation to the Lose Weight programme.