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We coach your mind and body to help you reach your fitness goals.


Coaching is at our core. This distinction is what separates Body by Cathy from other fitness, nutrition and weight-loss professionals. We start with behaviour coaching because we know from personal experience that you can't lose weight until you understand what drives you to over-eat and steals your discipline. Emotional triggers ruin many diets before they even begin and become a viscous cycle of trial and failure, each time, chipping away at self-esteem. When you understand your triggers, you can control them and you can remove that obstacle to getting fit and staying fit.


Education is critical to success. We teach you about proper nutrition, portion sizes, timing and preparation. We even teach you the same tricks celebrities and fitness gurus have used for decades to fast-track their weight-loss, boost their energy and glow from the inside. Food is your fuel and what drives every bodily function from walking and running, to thinking and sleeping.

fitness coaching 

It doesn't matter if you have never done a bicep curl in your life or you have already mastered burpees and pull-ups, we coach you to become stronger. We offer instructional videos and one-on-one support that is personally recommended based on your fitness level, lifestyle and goals. The danger with the YouTube and Instagram craze of personal trainers offering a one-size-fits-all approach is that no two people are alike and it's easy to injure yourself by doing an exercise incorrectly. It's better to go slow and safe, than manic and dangerous. 


If you are finally ready to tackle your weight, you are struggling to find motivation for the gym and healthy eating, or you're simply stuck and don't know what to do, coaching will rescue you. We will teach you how to connect your mind with your goals, and your eating with what your body needs.

We offer personal consultations, video calls and a community of Body by Cathy devotees, all with the express purpose of encouragement, expert tips and advice. Start your journey today.

When you are ready to change your life, I will be in your corner, pushing you to reach your goals, congratulating you when you do and helping you get back on track when you slip (because we all slip sometimes).