I created Fitness Physiques by Cathy to recognise people who have undergone transformations like I have. It takes incredible discipline and determination to transform your body, I know, and you should celebrate your accomplishments by competing in my show.

If you share my passion for fitness, need a new challenge or want the chance to win money, prizes and coveted titles, then this competition is for you. I’ve gathered the best from the world of fitness and bikini competitions to create the perfect stage for you to show-off your hard-work and receive the rewards you deserve.

Fitness Physiques by Cathy welcomes professional athletes and models, as well as people new to the world of fitness competitions.

The next competition is SUNDAY 7 JUNE 2020. ENTER TODAY.

You can also register for the 18 October 2020 show.



We’re doing things the Cathy way, which means a better show to compete in, a more fair way to judge and a more fun show to watch. Click on the images or categories for full details.


All categories are limited to 15 competitors, but you can enter as many categories as you like. You must be 18 years to compete. Enter now to win.


Enter Fitness Physiques by Cathy because you want a new challenge. Enter because you've worked hard. Enter because you love fitness. Enter because you have never competed before. Just enter to win. The next competition is Sunday 7 JUNE 2020.



PROFESSIONAL: If you've competed before, the decision is easy. Cathy Martin is a savvy entrepreneur and proven fitness fanatic. Her competition will be unlike the others and has already attracted the best talent from throughout the UK. The event day will be filled with entertainment and exciting prizes. You have nothing to lose.

NOVICE: If you're considering competing for the first time, the decision is a bit scarier. Let's first address the common misconceptions about fitness competitions. Professional athletes compete, but so do mums, dads, teachers, firefighters and dentists. What all these people have in common is a passion for fitness. There is also no age limit to compete. If it's fear holding you back, we've built a team of seasoned experts to guide you. From personal trainers to posing coaches, from bikini designers to gown designers, and from tanning to make-up, we've gathered the best. We want you feel proud when you walk on stage for the first time. It's exhilarating. Go ahead. Take a risk and try something new.

TRANSFORMATION: This category is personal for Cathy. She created Fitness Physiques to recognise people who have changed their body and their lives just like she has. You don’t need to have a six-pack or 0% body fat, you just need to share your journey and walk on stage to show off your hard-work.

WHY WE LIMIT THE NUMBER OF ATHLETES PER CATEGORY: You’ve trained hard to compete and you deserve to be judged fairly. We believe the stage should feel like its yours to own and you should have enough time to walk and pose without feeling rushed or crowded. You should also have enough time to savour the feeling of being on stage—it’s meant to be fun.

It’s not just on stage that can feel claustrophobic. If you’ve competed before, you know the cramped quarters and chaos backstage. Competition day can be long and stressful, and want backstage to be your sanctuary. It should be a place where you can relax, prepare and rest so we’ve limited the number of competitors and hired a theatre with ample space.

Limiting each category to 15 competitors helps the judges too, allowing them enough time to fully concentrate and evaluate each competitor fairly.

When each category reaches its 15 competitor maximum, we’ll create a waiting list and if a spot becomes available, we’ll put you at the top of the list.

WE’VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING: From posing coaches to custom bikinis, from tanning to aesthetics, and from make-up to gourmet food during the event, we’ve gathered the best so you can focus on getting stage ready. If you have questions, please send an email to


SUNDAY 7 JUNE 2020 and SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2020 (accepting entries now)


Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 2HN




Winning isn't just about muscle definition and knowing how to pose, you must also look fabulous on stage. The Body by Cathy team (with Cathy leading) is the best in the business. We know how to get you competition ready. We're there throughout the entire competition, from stage prep to seconds before you walk out, even touching you up between rounds. If your path to fitness perfection has lead to loss of volume in your face or wrinkles, which happens easily, we can restore youthful vitality and banish wrinkles. 

During the event, we will offer personally selected meals from the Body by Cathy Cookbook. They are healthy, delicious and energy-boosting to keep you focused and performing your best.



You should attend Fitness Physiques by Cathy to support friends and loved ones who are competing. You should attend if you’re curious about competing yourself and have a passion for fitness. You should attend if you want a fun day out for the entire family. We’ve thought of everything.

We’re offering specially selected food from the Body by Cathy Cookbook, drinks, exhibitions, behind-the-scenes previews and live entertainment, including Conor Wells and dancers from the Irish dance academy Toibreacha. The menu is healthy gourmet. Think grilled chicken with brown rice and either broccoli or asparagus, or turkey burgers with sweet potato fries or couscous. For dessert, mouth-watering cheesecake.

The show starts promptly at 11:30 am and lasts until 6:00 pm. Tickets cost £25 for the entire day and includes free parking on site.



My goal in creating this competition is to promote fitness and celebrate achievement. Twelve years ago I was a UK size 24 and gaining more weight every day. Fitness saved my life. Fitness gave me confidence and transformed my body into the size 8 I am today (and have been for nearly a decade). Fitness made me strong (both inside and out) and I want to share that power with the world. Learn more about my story.

Why me? Why this competition? To put it plainly, without boasting, I am already a successful entrepreneur. I am the founder and CEO of Body by Cathy and Skin by Cathy. I am also a partner in Anthony Martin Advisory and a trustee of our family charity The Martin Reach—a charity dedicated to supporting education in Africa and Asia. I am driven to succeed, to inspire others, and to give back to the communities and people who have helped me get where I am today.

Personal experience showed me how hard it was to get fit and taught me proper nutrition and exercise, which lead to the creation of Fitness Physiques by Cathy. Staying fit and continuing to transform my body requires a lot of sweat, early mornings and sheer determination. Check out my Twitter and Instagram page and you’ll see. For me, competing is a way to reward my accomplishments and push me to work harder. I know how exciting and terrifying it feels to walk on stage, but it’s liberating too. I encourage everyone to try it, even if only once, and then to continue.