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Everything you need to know about Body by Cathy, our method and how we can help you love your body. Start your Get Fit journey today.


The 'we' starts with Cathy, is supported by fitness and wellness coaches, and is elevated by an entire community of people on their own Get Fit journey. Together, we help you get fit, increase your energy, feel better, look better, sleep better, fight disease and illness, gain confidence and live a happier, more productive life. We know those statements sound bold, but when you give your body the proper tools to function, those statements become real and you reap the rewards. 

I’ve been where you are now. I ate my way to a UK size 24. Now I’m a UK size 8 and getting stronger every day. I’ll show you all of my secrets and teach you to love your body too.
— Cathy Martin


A nameless, faceless computer doesn’t fit with health and wellness, yet that’s much of what you see if you dare to Google. You need some passion, some excitement and especially empathy when talking about something as serious as health and wellness. That's what we bring.

Our starting point is personal experience (read this article about Cathy to learn more), boosted with advanced degrees in nutrition and weight-loss, completed with sophisticated nutrition and exercise programmes, and secured with coaching at our core—all designed to help you reach your goals.

If you've found Body by Cathy because you are finally ready (we mean, really, truly ready) to lose weight and look better, take comfort in knowing we will support you through every step of your journey with personal consultations, motivational tips, recipes and an entire community of people on the same journey. Learn how it works.


Our philosophy is simple: Learn what proper nutrition is, learn how to listen to your body, start moving, feel better. Simple.

Life is a balancing act with much of our energy spent trying to find it and hold on. What you don’t need are rigid diet rules or unrealistic weight goals.

Our approach to wellness is about balance, control and celebration. When you eat well, stress is reduced and you feel more energetic, restoring balance. When you know what your body needs for fuel, you gain control of how your body responds. When you reach your goals, you celebrate by proving to yourself that you can accomplish anything (which, of course, you can).