I spent much of my life hiding in the shadows, believing I wasn't smart enough or good enough to notice, always looking for an escape. I had become an expert at hiding. But something happened recently to make me realise that who I am has value, what I have overcome has value, and my successes deserve celebration. This epiphany motivated me to share my story with the world. What I thought was a cathartic purge turned into something transformational as hundreds of strangers sent messages of support to me, sharing their similar experiences and thanking me because before they read my story, they were too filled with shame, guilt or misdirected apologies to address why they hid too. I realised that my personal experiences—from being bullied and told I was stupid, to suffering from un-diagnosed dyslexia and becoming fat—could inspire others to fight their daemons, shed whatever baggage they have and look in the mirror smiling.

Motivational speaking gives me the opportunity to share my story, and more importantly, interact with people who are embarking on their own journeys who want and need support. 


If you've gotten this far in my story, you already know that I used to be fat and now I'm not. You've also seen the fitness programmes I offer and top nutrition and exercise tips. All of this information is good, but it's missing the how and why I got fat and have successfully kept the weight off for 10 years. Let me share my secrets with you. 

I wore my 'Suit of Shame' for the entire world to see. With each slice of cake I shoved into my mouth and each pound I gained, I revisited the classroom where I was called stupid, kids bullied me and I was made to feel worthless. I thought my 'Suit of Shame' was my weight, but being fat was only the symptom. 

As I ate my way to a UK size 24, I felt alone. As I lost the weight, I felt alone. As I kept the weight off, I felt alone. The reason for feeling alone was because I was still wearing my 'Suit of Shame' and would wear it forever until I understood what I was trying to hide. Once I identified the cause of my over-eating, I gained control over my life and I stopped hiding. Sharing my story is the first time I didn't feel alone and it made me realise that there are men and women all over the world, trying to shrug off their 'Suit of Shame' and feeling totally alone too. Although my journey was done alone, yours doesn't need to be.  

This talk focuses on the powerful link between emotions and weight, and how to change that link through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). With the benefit of personal experience and a background as a mental health nurse and CBT, I can give you the tools to change your 'Suit of Shame' 


There's an epidemic that's affecting everyone in the world, but few are addressing it. We are saturated with messages and bombarded with endless information, but we access it from within our safe bubbles. We share pictures with old friends and meet new ones anytime, from anywhere, but we don’t have conversations. We are starved to connect. We don’t even know what to call the void that’s aching inside us, but it’s the loss of connecting with people on a human level, outside our protective bubbles, that fills the desperate yearning. These feelings of a void are exacerbated by the endless filtering, editing and hiding fuelling social media that make us feel the entire world is fake and we are alone.

How does social media and content overload relate to my journey? This talk starts and ends with brutal honesty and gives you a chance to make 'real' connections.

By the end of the talk, you will learn:

  • How to identify your suit of shame, trace its origins and begin tackling it.
  • How are you self-sabotaging.
  • Weight is a major factor, so I’ll cover the basics and then general plans for those looking to lose weight, get lean, train for sports, fight disease and more
  • Getting fit is about dumping your emotional baggage, learning core nutrition, connecting with your mind and body, then focused on goals
  • How to set reasonable and measurable goals
  • Visualisation techniques to support goal attainment
  • Coaching techniques to help you regain control.

My story is about reconnecting with your body and mind, celebrating your unique fabulousness, learning tools to help you cope with daily stresses, focusing on being your very best self and engaging in the world around you.   

Learn more about my story and how it can help you break-down barriers and embrace success.