This Boost programme is designed especially for men wanting to push themselves and achieve more noticeable results, faster. It complements, not replaces, the Get Fit programme you're currently on. This isn't for the 'when I have time' man, it's for the man who works out five to six times per week and already has good knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Think of it more like training to play professionally vs amateur.

Depending on your fitness level and goals, this programme can last eight weeks. Remember, it's called 'Boost' for a reason. Once you've accomplished your goals, you will graduate to the Living Fit programme. 


Our starting point is always the consultation. It gives us a chance to understand who you are, your lifestyle and your fitness goals. We will look closely at how you train and what you eat because the two must be solid if you want to see and feel results. We'll give you success markers and continue pushing you along.