Life changes the moment you discover you're pregnant. Suddenly, you're eating for two and your body doesn't feel like your body. You might feel nauseous, exhausted and bloated long before the little life is even the size of a pea. What you eat is critical while you're pregnant—not just for you, but for your baby.   

Common concerns during pregnancy:

  • Fatigue

  • Weight gain

  • Swelling and bloating

  • Constipation

Most of these demands can be addressed through nutrition, supported by lifestyle adjustments.


Demands for good nutrition don't stop after birth. If you're breast-feeding, you will need to keep your energy reserves and be mindful of what you eat. The quality and amount of breast milk you produce is directly linked to how healthy you are and what you eat. Also consider that some foods pass through breast milk and can cause discomfort to your baby.  

What most new mums want to know is when they can fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans. When you're ready to drop the pregnancy weight, we'll tackle it with quick and easy meal plans—you won't have time for elaborate meals, so we'll stick with easy—and focus on timing your meals. You might feel like your entire day is based on eating and sleeping, and it is, but we'll help you work around your baby's schedule and make pregnancy weight-loss easy. 


We'll review your current diet and remove potentially harmful foods. Then we'll create a programme that boosts your energy and keeps the little life inside you healthy. While many women think they're eating for two and should therefore eat whatever they want, don't be tempted. Crisps and sweets are bad for you, no matter if you're pregnant or breast-feeding. Learn more today.

I see a lot of women who think that eating for two means double the calories and an excuse for junk food. That type of diet will rob your energy and lead to excessive weight gain. I’ll show you how to be healthy (plus a little cheating because you deserve it).
— Cathy Martin