You have successfully transformed your body, but that doesn't mean you stop. It's not about a dry January to make-up for over-indulging in December or starving yourself in May before you rush to the beach. It's about how you live, how you feel and the conscious choices you make to benefit your well-being. We believe if you don't move forward, you move backwards (and no one likes the rear view).

This stage is about using your successes to continue motivating yourself and setting new goals to achieve. You've proven you can do it, so keep it up. We'll continue supporting you with new exercise routines and recipes to make Living Fit fresh and interesting, and to keep your muscles challenged. Wherever you want to go, we can help you get there.

People often ask me how I remain motivated. For me, living fit is as basic as brushing my teeth. I could never unlearn what I know and I never want to return to my former self.


Boredom and lack of motivation are the biggest complaints we hear. You look fabulous, so why continue being strict? Why not over-indulge on holiday? Why not reduce your workouts to twice per week? The answer is simple: NO! You worked hard to get where you are, muscle mass disappears quickly and you feel better when you're healthy. So how can we help? That answer is simple too: We help by keeping food and exercise fun, and by pushing you to set new goals. 

Here's what to expect: 

  1. Weekly recipes based on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  2. Monthly nutrition plans to keep what you're eating interesting and fun.

  3. Monthly exercise plans to continue challenging your body in new ways.

  4. Competition with other Body by Cathy members.

  5. Body by Cathy Hall of Fame (yes, one more incentive for the over-achiever in you).