CHange starts with the family

Childhood obesity has crept into the dialogue of every school and health organisation because it’s a major health threat and is directly linked to type 2 diabetes and other diseases. The government is doing its best to provide education and support, but ultimately, childhood obesity needs to be tackled at the family level. Body by Cathy brings experience and positive energy to support your entire family through education, meal planning and fun.


Food is meant to be enjoyable—we’d never take that away—and fuel your body and brain to accomplish amazing feats. We’ll help your entire family learn about proper nutrition, including portions. We’ll share simple and healthy recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less, and cooked in batches to stock your freezer for mid-week meals. A little planning saves the hassle and ensures your family stays on track. Does this mean you have to give up ice cream, curry and pizza? No. Cheat days are important and part of keeping it fun.

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Walking is the easiest way to get fit (and it's free). Walk to school. Walk after dinner. Walk as much as you can, just get moving. As you incorporate fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle, you'll notice that you have more energy, sleep better, feel better and look better. Simple changes can make drastic improvements.

Start the programme for your child who is overweight, who you want to be healthy and who you want to be happy, but continue the programme for your entire family who will reap the benefits too. Just like laughter is contagious, so is being healthy.


We will start by reviewing your child's full health profile. From there we will talk to your child and your family members to discuss their wants and lifestyle, helping spot potential blocks and ensuring your child feels ownership (and pride) over this journey. We’ll encourage your child to track his or her progress, receiving medals for every milestone reached.

The entire family will undergo nutrition and exercise education, and we encourage everyone to follow the programme we design. Remember, your child's success is influenced by the entire family. We will have weekly status updates and adjust the programme based on progress. After your child reaches his or her goals, we'll help you throw a big party to celebrate. Your child will then be ready to graduate to the next level. Learn how it works.

From the moment my daughter was born, I placed her needs above my own. I know it’s my job to keep her safe, healthy and loved. Because of my struggles with weight, I don’t want my daughter to suffer the same, so I teach her about healthy food and proper nutrition. She doesn’t know any other way.
— Cathy Martin