Throughout my weight-loss journey, I’ve trained with many trainers. I thought a trainer could help me lose more weight and give me better advice to get stronger and more toned. I assumed all trainers knew more than me because they were qualified, so I thought they must be good. I was wrong. Several trainers didn’t listen to my needs and goals. Other trainers were so focussed on getting me skinny that they told me to take meal replacement shakes, which didn’t work and are not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight. I have even met a few trainers who simply couldn’t be bothered or thought I wasn’t worth their time so they would simply train me without being present or giving me the attention I deserved.  

A good trainer will radically change your approach to fitness and help you achieve your goals faster and better.
— Cathy Martin

It wasn’t until I met Mina, who showed me how to train and eat properly for my body and fitness goals, that I understood and reaped the rewards from a good trainer. Mina (my primary trainer) together with Ricky (who is also a professional boxer), radically changed my approach to fitness. In part due to their expertise, but mostly because of my personal journey, I want to radically change your approach to fitness so you'll see the rewards just like me. I also want to save you the hassle and money of working with trainers who aren’t quite right for the job.


Answer these questions to understand how well you know your trainer.

  • Did your trainer ask your goals and why you want to achieve them before your first session?
  • Did your trainer ask about your medical history before your first session?
  • Did your trainer assess your current fitness level during your first session?
  • Did your trainer give you a workout plan after your first session?
  • Does your trainer regularly update your workout plan?
  • Does your trainer advise you about proper nutrition?
  • Does your trainer measure your progress?
  • What is your trainer’s speciality? Does it suit your needs?
  • Is your trainer available at any time to answer questions about your workout plan or nutrition?
  • When you’re training, how much time does your trainer spend talking to you about things unrelated to fitness?
  • Does your trainer frequently put you on a treadmill for 30 minutes?
  • Does your trainer use a stopwatch?
  • Does your trainer stand or sit in one position? Or, does your trainer constantly move around, checking your form, giving you feedback?
  • Does your trainer believe the best way to lose weight is by restricting carbs and/or replacing meals with shakes?
  • Does your trainer walk around with his/her phone, checking messages or worse, taking calls?


IMG-20180101-WA0022 web.jpg

If you answer ‘no’ to most of these questions, then it’s time to find a new trainer. A trainer’s sole responsibility is to support their clients. They should make you feel strong and confident. They should make you excited to exercise and look after your health. They should be genuinely interested in your progress and proud when you accomplish your goals. Ricky and Mina do that for me, and I’m grateful to them for their support. Look for your Ricky or Mina and imagine what you can accomplish with the right support.  

Then turn to Body by Cathy and our mobile app to follow you wherever and whenever you go.