If you missed the first four blogs in this series, go back and read them. I’ve lead you on a deliberate journey and this final blog addresses the next piece. Don’t worry, each post is a quick read, so lack of time is not a good excuse.


Most people list three excuses for not getting fit: Time, money and knowledge. These excuses are easy targets because they’re the same, boring excuses people use for not doing everything they’re afraid to do. Fear is crippling. Fear remains crippling until you change your mindset.



Excuses: I don’t have time to cook healthy meals and I don’t have time to go to the gym.

Solutions: Plan your meals in advance, cook any one of my fast and healthy meals, walk everywhere and exercise while watching your favourite tv programme.


Excuses: Healthy food is too expensive and I can’t afford a gym.

Solutions: Change your thinking. Healthy food is NOT more expensive than junk food and eating junk has far more detrimental affects on your body than your wallet. Walking is free. Parks are free. Doing sofa squats and dips in front of your telly is free.


Excuses: I don’t know how to start. I don’t know which diet is best. I don’t know how to exercise.

Solutions: You’ve gotten this far, which means you’re already on the right path. Find an expert to help you stay on it and reach your goals. Join Body by Cathy and I’ll create a personalised nutrition and exercise programme for you with the support of my mobile app so you can take me anywhere.

I hope by revealing these excuses for what they are, you will be able to see that change is possible and that even little change still counts as progress.



People are creatures of habit. As much as we like to think we’re unique and unpredictable, we’re not. Routines give our lives structure and habits free our brains to concentrate on other activities. When these routines and habits become detrimental to our health, it’s time to change.  

Change is hard work at first. It’s not fun, it takes discipline and every part of your body can find an excuse to not change, but the risk is that more bad habits create more bad habits. When it comes to health, these can be devastating. Change your bad habits and start reaping the rewards of health. It is never too late. I’m here to help.


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People think living fit takes too much time, is too expensive and requires too much hard work. They use these excuses to not take care of themselves. They're wrong. It's hard work being fat. It's hard work being unable to walk up the stairs without losing your breath. It's hard work filling your stomach with junk and then dealing with the bloat and pain that follows. It's hard work getting every bug that comes around because your immune system isn't functioning properly. It's expensive too. The almost nightly take away, crisps, biscuits and sugary drinks add up quickly. Doctors visits too. What about your clothing? Going up a size every season is expensive. Do you lack motivation? Find yourself wanting to sleep all day or unable to sleep all night? Do you ache everywhere?

It’s time to change. I will support you every step no matter if it’s through social media or as my client. I’ve been where you are now and I know exactly how to help you.


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