If you didn’t read my blog about Christmas perfection, spend three minutes and read it now because it gives easy, helpful tips for looking and feeling your best for Christmas. Since you are already following my tips and you have a bit more time for New Year’s party perfection, let’s go deeper.


Planning ahead means you have many aesthetic options. My favourite treatments are the ones that deliver noticeable results for my clients. After more than 15 years and thousands of treatments, following are the best anti-ageing, balancing, regenerating and glowing skin tricks*:

Anti-wrinkle injections: Botox is a must to erase frown lines and lift facial expressions, revealing your youngest, happiest-looking, party-going self. It can take up to two weeks to notice full results and some people, especially if they’ve never had botox, may need a top-up.

Lip fillers: A full pout is a sign of youth and beauty. Nothing better shows off party season’s deep-hued lip colours.

Cheek fillers: As we age, our cheeks lose volume. Fillers expertly placed shape your face, lift jowls and restore vitality.

Sculptra: Sculptra works by stimulating collagen production, erasing years from your face. While the best results happen after 3-4 treatments, you will see noticeable differences in skin texture immediately. It remains Cathy’s favourite and most popular anti-ageing treatment.


Chemical peels: These powerhouse treatments can correct pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, rosacea, acne scars and even dark eye areas. They are also safe on all skin types, including black and Asian. Depending on your goals, 1-6 treatments may be needed.

Dermapen: Good for anti-ageing, lifting, pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks (think arms and chest), and even alopecia.

These are the treatments that erase decades and sins from sun damage, but they need a little time to work, so starting now is best. Please consider that like every treatment that’s worth doing, to do it right means several appointments.

*NOTE: Only after a thorough consultation can I recommend the best treatments for your concerns, skin type and goals.


Continue with your skincare routine. Cleanse twice per day along with serum and eye cream. Never forget sunscreen! If your skin feels dry, add a cream.

I don’t believe in complicated routines or unnecessary products because they don’t benefit my clients. I’ve treated women and men of different ages, ethnicities and skin type and base my recommendations on their results and my knowledge. High-quality serum and daily sunscreen yield the best results. It’s just that easy. Read this blog to learn more about skincare.


I know everyone over-indulges over the holidays and the idea of a ‘diet’ is met with an emphatic NO. I’m not trying to be the grinch, stealing your holiday enjoyment or making you feel guilty. Instead, I’m trying to help you look fabulous. When you’re getting ready on New Year’s Eve and you look at yourself in the mirror, you will be happy you didn’t eat your weight in mince pies or consume more mulled wine than what’s on the shelfs at M&S. Trust me.

Five things to do:

red blue portions.jpg
  1. Make healthy decisions. That means choose salad over crisps, water over sugary drinks, fresh fruit over mince pies and roasted vegetables over mash.

  2. If you eat something that isn’t healthy, then make it count by savouring every morsel and chewing slowly. This is what I call mindful eating. By doing it, you will more easily control your portions. Eat one biscuit, not five. Eat one sausage roll, not the entire tray. Be mindful and your body and face will thank you.

  3. Eat healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice and quinoa. These superfoods help you lose weight, but they also keep you feeling fuller for longer, which means you’ll have more willpower to skip the buffet at parties.

  4. Eat as many leafy green vegetables as possible. You will feel full and energetic, and your skin will glow. When you decide to splurge a bit at a party, which I urge you not to do, at least your body will be better able to handle the massive calorie overload.

  5. Drink water. It is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Don’t wait until the typical after New Year guilt-ridden promise to start eating well and exercising. Forget about dry January. Start planning now for your Get Fit programme starting 1 January 2019. If you give me 12 weeks, I will transform your life.



Alcohol disrupts your sleep, so you awake feeling lethargic. Most people respond by loading up on carbs for a quick boost. It’s a bad way to start your day because you will continue getting highs and lows in energy, creating a yo-yo effect. Alcohol also makes you bloated so your clothes feel tight and you feel heavier. If that’s not enough, your face shows it too. Your skin will look dull, pores clogged and possibly even spots. That’s just what happens in one day. If you continue drinking every day, the effects increase exponentially. The good news is that you can undo some of the damage within a few weeks. You’ll quickly see years erase from your face, your energy surge and the bloat fade away.

If you’re going to an event and you know you will drink, then plan ahead. Drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol, water down your mixed drinks with soda water, and eat healthy carbs like sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa before you drink. You can also take ibuprofen before bed. If you wake with a hangover, take ibuprofen, drink water and drink electrolytes. The best cure (although I can’t personally attest because I don’t drink alcohol) is homemade tea with fresh ginger, fennel, turmeric, rosemary and mint. These powerful herbs help alleviate pain, boost your immune system, calm digestion, cleanse and refresh.